·     Mid level Riggers have a full grasp and ability to do everything expected from a Junior Rigger to a higher quality and at a faster speed.



·     Read and write basic Python code

·     Rig intermediate props with minimal input

·     Rig complex props with help

·     Set up basic biped rigs with department tools

·     Communicate with Leads and Supervisors on the show

·     Help Junior Riggers with simple questions

·     Set up more complex quadruped and other rigs with help

·     Jump between shows, when requested by Leads or Supervisors, to help meet deadlines

·     Set up basic Ncloth dynamics

·     Maintain a good work-life balance and communicate with the team if help is needed


To apply, please send your resume or position inquiries to

*Valid open Canadian work permit required for this position

*Previous BC residence preferred