Skills / Responsibilties:


·      Less then 2 years of CG experience

·      Primarily focused on perfecting their basic skillset of simple FX tasks; dust, smoke, or steam. They should be working towards being able to deliver these effects in a consistent and timely manner. Juniors should strive to create effects that are as accurate to the task's description or callout as possible.

·      Should be actively working towards consistently delivering a single look across an episode or project for repeating effects

·      Expected to become familiar and stay within the conventions of their given show's pipeline in terms of file management and naming conventions for data delivery.

 ·      Should strive towards minimizing the amount of iterations required to achieve specific kickback notes.

·      Expected to work towards accurately managing their own time and using goodjudgement on when to seek technical advice from more senior artists, or art direction from other departments.


To apply, please send your resume or position inquiries to jobs@iconcreativestudio.com

*Previous BC residence preferred