Company Operating Name: ICON Creative Studio Inc. 

Business Address: #200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1B8

Required Skills:

·      A post-secondary education of 1 to 2 years from an Institution or College with a VFX specialization or equivalent

·      Knowledge of Maya

·      Knowledge of relevant software including Photoshop, ZBrush, Mari, Mudbox, Substance Painter Renderman and Arnold

·      Less then 2 years of CG modeling/texturing experience required working in an Animation, Gaming or Digital Visual Effects Studio.

·      Minimal production experience 

·      Proficient in building and texturing props

·      Able to assist with building and texturing minor sets or sets with reuse elements

·      Able to assist with building and texturing background characters or characters with reuse elements


Job Duties:

·      Must know how to take a model all the way to completion (Model, UV, Texture, Surface, Light, Render)

·      Must possess an artistic eye for form and colour

·      May require some guidance in different work flows (topology, texturing, surfacing and uv’ing)

·      May require guidance in understanding who and why pipeline works the way it does

·      Able to handle a high-pressure environment with tight deadlines

·      Take responsibility for their own work and can complete tasks within the time allotted

·      Show passion for their craft and engage in similar activities in their spare time, including taking the time to further their knowledge through study

·      Able to Identify issues and relay them to team members

Language of Work:

·      English 


Wage Range:

·      $35,000 to $40,000 annual salary depending on experience


Terms of Employment:

·      Contract based 1 to 2 years with possible extension depending on the Production project


Location of Work:

·       City - Gastown area of Vancouver, BC

        #200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada, V6B1B8

Contact information: 

·      Email: jobs@iconcreativestudio.com

·      Telephone: 778-379-0808

·      Fax: 604-608-9223


*Previous BC residence preferred