·      Proficiency in Maya

·      Must be at least a Senior Animator with 3 plus years experience

·      Acts as the Animation Directors right hand

·      Must have in depth knowledge and experience related to the Production

·      Responsible for training, guiding and mentoring all team members

·      Assist with developing team workshops and training material

·      Good communication skills



·      Make sure each line runs smoothly and efficiently, firing on all cylinders, 

·      The primary problem solvers of the animation department. 

·      Proactive in identifying issues and will coordinate with all relevant departments to have those issues resolved quickly. 

·      Tasked with disseminating important information within the department, including familiarizing new hires to their workflow and pipeline. 

·      Skilled Animators that are expected to tackle the most challenging of shots with ease and can power through average difficulty sequences with speed. 

·      Familiar enough with the show to assist the crew if the director is not available. 

·      Will participate in Leads’ meetings, show dailies, client calls, and staff reviews. 


To apply, please send your resume or position inquiries to jobs@iconcreativestudio.com

*Previous BC residence preferred