Skills / Responsibilties:


·      Ability to complete complex effects in a timely and efficient manner exactly as described by the task or callout.

·      Expected to tackle much more challenging and technically complex shots that require the highest level of quality.

·      Works directly with show/art directors for key effects.

·      Should have a wide range of competency in various FX software packages and an understanding of when a task warrants using a different package.

 ·      Knowledgeable with common FX 'gotchas' and willing to share this experience with team members.

·       Ability to create reusable FX rigs or templates that can be used by other artists to quickly complete entire series of shots with a matching look.

·       Ability to engage in R&D work for complex effects ahead of schedule for proof of concept tests, or to allow for extra iteration time. This includes development for early tests sent to clients.

·       Senior Artists should be comfortable mentoring and troubleshooting for more junior artists.


To apply, please send your resume or position inquiries to

*Previous BC residence preferred