Company Operating Name: ICON Creative Studio Inc. 

Business Address: #200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1B8

Required Skills:

·      Have a post-secondary education of 1 to 2 years from an Institution or College with a VFX specialization

·      Proficiency in Maya

·      More than 5 years of CG modeling/texturing experience required working in an Animation, Gaming or Digital Visual Effects Studio.

·      Must be proficient in relevant software including Photoshop, ZBrush, Mari, Mudbox, Renderman and Arnold

·      5 years plus of CG experience creating and texturing models in Maya

·      Able to build and texture unique and/or complicated sets

·      Able to build and texture unique and/or complicated characters

·      Able to build and texture vehicles

·      Show an aptitude or specialize in characters or set modeling and texturing

·      Assist with R & D development for new assets

·      Assist with training and mentoring Junior and Intermediate Artists

·      Excellent communication and organizational skills


Job Duties:

·      Can model and texture both props, complex and unique characters and environments

·      Has a high degree of both knowledge and experience in other departments and Pipeline

·      Proactive at problem solving and self-reliant 

·      Able to complete all tasks within time allotted

·      Interact and cooperate with other departments to solve technical issues

Language of Work:

·      English 


Wage Range:

·     $60,000 to $85,000 annual salary depending on experience


Terms of Employment:

·      Contract based 1 to 2 years with possible extension depending on the Production project


Location of Work:

·       City - Gastown area of Vancouver, BC

       #200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada, V6B1B8

Contact information: 

·      Email:

·      Telephone: 778-379-0808

·      Fax: 604-608-9223

*Previous BC residence preferred