·     Senior Riggers are proficient in all styles of rigging. Communication is quite efficient and helping the more junior Riggers is expected.

·     Senior Riggers are also expected to be able to work with significant autonomy.



·    Intermediate level of Python coding knowledge

·    Rig most assigned assets without significant input

·    Help Mid and Junior Riggers with any questions

·    Set up and tweak dynamics of all show styles to a high quality

·    Watch over shows for a limited periods of time when Leads or Supervisors are out

·    Have an in-depth understanding of rigging systems, understanding the repercussions of requested changes

·    Provide creative solutions to decrease workload on the Rigging department

·    Develop alterations to the rigging systems that have been requested by Rigging Leads or Supervisors

·    Maintain a good work-life balance and communicate with the team if help is needed


To apply, please send your resume or position inquiries to

*Previous BC residence preferred