Company Operating Name: ICON Creative Studio Inc.

Business address:#200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1B8

Required Skills:


·     Must have a post-secondary education of 1 to 2 years from an Institution or College with a FX specialization

·      More than 5 years of FX experience required working in an Animation, Gaming or Digital Visual Effects Studio

·      Must have more then 2 years of FX Supervising experience working in an Animation or Digital Visual Effects Studio

·      Must be proficient in both Maya and Houdini software 

·      Must be proficient in both Rendering Engines; Arnold and Renderman

·      Must be proficient in Dynamics

·      Must be proficient in particle, fluid and volume systems

·      Must be proficient in Biofrost and BOSS within Maya

·      Must be proficient in shading fluids and volumes 

·      Must be proficient in Shotgun

·      Must be proficient in creating reusable FX rigs or templates that can be used by other artists to complete entire series of shots with a matching look

·      Can engage in R&D work for complex effects ahead of schedule for proof of early concepts or to allow for extra iteration time. This includes development for early tests send to clients

·      Have proven experience leading and managing a team of FX artist and are proficient in mentoring, training and troubleshooting for all levels of artists

·      Ability to communicate effectively within their team to ensure all artists are in an optimal environment to succeed

·      Excellent communication and organizational skills


Job Duties:

·      Ability to accurately track and delegate all FX tasks across multiple studio projects keeping in mind artists strengths and interests

·      Involved int the FX callout process for each episode of each project, focusing on opportunities to push the Studio’s FX quality while still being able to meet or beat delivery deadlines

·      Work directly with the show Producers and Art Directors to develop the look of specific hero effects as far in advance as possible as well as being able to accurately understand and convey that vision to the artists

·      Participate in all Leads meetings, dallies, client calls and performance reviews as well as being responsible to be involved in new hire interviews

·      Organizing Shotgun

·      Proficient and knowledgeable with common FX ‘gotchas’ and can share this experience with 

their team 

·      Must be able to interact and cooperate with all other Studio departments to solve technical issues


Language of Work:

·      English Required 



·      $100,000 to $140,000 annual salary depending on experience


Terms of Employment:


·      Contract based 1 to 2 years with possible extension depending on the Production project


Benefit Package:

·      Extended health and dental plan available for this role 


Location of Work:

·       City - Gastown area of Vancouver, BC

        #200 341 Water Street, Vancouver BC Canada, V6B1B8

Contact information: 

·      Email: jobs@iconcreativestudio.com

·      Telephone: 778-379-0808

·      Fax: 604-608-9223


*Previous BC residence preferred